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DebitSavvy Top 40 – Fast Tips to Save Money

Posted by DebitSavvy Team on February 27, 2013 Comments (0)
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Eight weeks into the New Year and starting to struggle to stick to your 2013 financial resolution? You’re not alone – it happens to the best of us. DebitSavvy can help. Each month, we are excited to provide you advice that helps you manage your finances through debit. But we understand that sometimes life just happens and you need ideas (fast) to help you get back on track. This month, we give you the “DebitSavvy Top 40,” our compilation of 40 quick and easy ways to save money. Read on and start saving money – today!

  1. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees
  2. Purchase generic brands when possible
  3. Carpool or use public transportation
  4. Cook at home
  5. Close doors and windows if your air conditioning or heat is on
  6. Use coupons when buying groceries
  7. Get crafty – make household decorations at home instead of purchasing them
  8. Bring your lunch to work
  9. Explore the outdoors – it’s usually free
  10. Go to a matinee instead of a primetime showing
  11. Buy used books or go to the library
  12. Collect your spare change and cash it in periodically
  13. Ditch your land line and just use your cell phone
  14. Cruise the clearance rack
  15. Order water at restaurants
  16. Take quick showers
  17. Skip the café and brew your coffee at home
  18. Grab a blanket before adjusting the temperature
  19. Kill the lights when you leave your apartment
  20. Give yourself a mani/pedi and avoid the salon
  21. Complete regular car maintenance to prevent expensive future repairs
  22. Sign up for free customer rewards programs
  23. Write a shopping list before hitting the grocery store – and stick to it
  24. Entertain at home instead of going out
  25. Have a yard sale
  26. Use LED light bulbs when you can
  27. Avoid impulse buys and shop around for the best deals
  28. Cancel unused memberships or subscriptions (gym, campus clubs, magazines, etc…)
  29. Do holiday shopping right after the holidays
  30. Try repairing broken items before replacing them
  31. Pack food before going on a road trip
  32. Discover ALL the benefits of your job – many include perks like discounted gym memberships or tickets to local events
  33. Drive safely and avoid car accidents or speeding tickets
  34. Plan out the most efficient driving route to work
  35. Cancel cable or satellite channels you don’t watch
  36. Pay your bills online to save on stamps and checks
  37. Check your bank account often to avoid over-drafting
  38. Keep air in your tires for optimal fuel efficiency
  39. Get a roommate
  40. ASK for discounts – you might be surprised how many merchants negotiate


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